The history of the Buffalo Creek & Gauley can be broken into four fairly distinct periods.  The first runs from the formation of the Elk River Coal and Lumber Co. and the chartering of the BC&G in 1904 until the final closing of the BC&G in 1965.  The second period is the 1970's and early 1980's when the Majestic Mining Company reopened the line for a while.  The third period was in the early 1990's when The Elk River Railroad, Inc. (TERRI) used a portion of the former BC&G track.  The final period is, fortunately, the present.  This includes the work being done by the BC&G Co-Operative to establish a tourist line on the former BC&G track.

The Majestic Mining Co.
BC&G Railroad 1904-1965
The Elk River Railroad, Inc.
BC&G Co-Operative