BC&G Consolidation #13

BC&G Consolidation #13 was built by the Alco's Brooks works in 1920 as c/n 61579.  She was acquired by the BC&G in 1950 from the Kelly's Creek and Northtwestern.

This photo, one of the clearest sideviews in my collection shows the engineer's side of the well-groomed locomotive.

Personal opinion, but I have always felt this engine was the least handsome of the three Consolidations of the final years.  Maybe it was the larger drivers, maybe the fact that rear driver was not equally spaced with the others, maybe it was that the cab always looked to be leaning to the rear, maybe it was the proportion of the domes...it just didn't quite 'hang together', in my mind.
Howard Vollrath photo dated May 1958
This photo shows the fireman's side including the dual air pumps.  This undated photo was no doubt taken later than the one above because she's wearing the diamond BC&G logo.  The picture was taken from an unusual vantage point, possibly the berm carrying the main that ran along the shops. The long machine shop is behind the boiler.  The houses across Buffalo Creek are visible through the bare trees.
Photographer and date unknown
These two excellent color images show #13 in her finest attire, dressed for a fan trip.  Notice the leased B&O gondola's in the righthand photo filled with eager railfans.  These two photos were possible taken on the same day given the color and density of the foliage.
Boiler Pressure: 200 pounds

Driver Diamter: 57 inches

Cylinders: 22 x 28

Tractive Effort:  44,000
Michael A. Eagleson - December 30, 1963
I've included this photo, possibly taken on the same fan trip as those above, because it clearly shows the red tender deck which appears from time to time on all the Consolidations.

Notice the sporty awning on the caboose!
While as modelers we enjoy the hardware, it was, of course, the people who made the railroad run.  Above: Left to right is Willard Morris, Riley Sears, Ralph Acree, Bobby Caruthers, and Carl Sear. 
Photographer unknown - 1961
Richard Manning collection - 1962
Here's #13 at Widen.  That's fireman Job Young on the left and engineer Ab Wilson on the right.
BC&G Consolidation drew the assignment to be on the point of the final scheduled train from Widen before the Rich Run Mine closed.  The date was December 30, 1963.  Michael Eagleson captured this great photo in perfect light.  Among other places it appeared on a postcard.

There is a nice view of the tipple here. It's also clear how deteriorated the conveyor up to the old mine head has become.

Engine #13 had a life after the BC&G. She was sold in 1964 to the South Penn Museum, then went to the Lakeshore Central System before going to the Logansport & Eel River.  She is currently owned by the Ohio Central Railroad.  She served there in tourist service for a number of years.  The engine is now at the AGE OF STEAM museum in Ohio, but is currently not in service.