Other Memorabilia

To Be Added :
BC&G MOTIVE POWER MODELS - These three beautiful wooden models are in the collection of Roger Nutter.  They are, of course, Consolidation #4, Motor "A" and Motor "B".  These models were carved by Richard Teel, who lives near Clay.
DUNDON STORE ICE CREAM SCOOP - Now here's a unique piece of ERC&L memorabilia!  This is an ice cream scoop from the Dundon company store.  It is from the collection of Patsy and Herald Baughman.  Patsy recalls you could get a VERY large scoop of ice cream for 5 cents!
ERC&L 25 YEAR SERVICE PIN - This photo, taken off of eBay, is of a 25 year service pin.  Based on the wording "Widen IRA ASSN" that appears on the bottom of the outside ring and the words "Buy Dundon" in the center, this pin would have been presented to a miner. 
ELRICO LITTLE LEAGUE JERSEY - This very unusual piece of memorabilia is from the collection of Theodore Griffith of Dille, WV.  It is a little league baseball jersey from one of the ERC&L company-sponsored ball teams.  The term ELRICO was used by the company on stores and some vehicles, among other places, according to Griffith.
HAT PIN AND KEY FOB - Naomi and Mike Ashley have these two interesting BC&G pieces.  To the left is a hat pin and above a key fob.  
ERC&L 10 YEAR SERVICE PIN KEY FOB - Frank Criswell purchased this interesting piece on Ebay.  It is an ERC&L Widen IRA (miners) Association 10 year service pin attached to a key fob.  The insignia is very similar to the 25 year pin near the top of this page.
This drawing was done by Harvey W. George who grew up in Greensboro, NC and now lives in Georgia.  He did the pen and ink drawing in 1962.  Although Harvey never actually visited the BC&G, he did the drawing because the line was one of the few still in steam at the time.  The details on #13 and #14 (in the background) are accurate but the rest of the scene was freelanced by the artist.  J.Parker Lamb took the photo of the drawing.
This belt buckle, in beautiful condition, was originally owned by Bobby Caruthers and Bobby gave it to Cody Burdette many years ago.  Cody recently generously passed it on to Brooks Stover for his collection.  The buckle measures 3 1/4" x 2/14".  The diamond BC&G logo is inlaid black enamel in a brass-colored surround.  IIt appears that the logo might be exactly the same as the logo on the hat pin and key fob above.  The center of the buckle is silver/stainless and the perimeter of the buckle is also gold colored, likely brass.
CRESSMONT DAIRY BOTTLE CAP - Judy Hart provided this image of a very rare artifact, a unused bottle cap from one of the glass bottles used by the Cressmont dairy.  Of note is that it says "Raw Milk" indicating that the dairy only bottled the milk and did not process it in any way.
Patsy Baughman, a regular contributor to this site and former Dundon resident has shared this sketch of BC&G #13 passing in front of the Dundon store that was done by her son-in-law Rev. Danny Kline.  Rev. Kline is retired and living in Pennsylvania.  This sketch was made into note cards.  What a terrific sketch and wonderful tribute to the memory of the BC&G.