Frank Criswell (left) and George Pierson going over the track plan.  A nice crew lounge is in a room behind Frank and George.
Frank Criswell is building an S scale layout in a 25' x 35' space in the lower level of his home.  Ceiling lighting is complete and the walls have been painted blue.  It's going to be a great place to run trains!
From Dundon looking toward Avoca

From Avoca looking toward Dundon
Trackwork Underway
In this view the BC&G Dundon yard is in the foreground.  The Consolidation is sitting on a footprint of the planned model of the engine house.
A removable bridge (orange dot) leads to the Lilly Fork logging branch.  Notice the neat job of coving the backdrop in the far corner.
LAYOUT SIZE: 35' x 25'
BC&G TRACK: Shinohara and Tomalco Code 100
LOGGING TRACK: Hand laid Code 55
CONTROL: Digitrax
Frank's layout is an around-the-wall design with a center peninsula.  All four of the towns served by the BC&G are modeled.  The Lilly Fork log branch is reached by traversing a removable bridge.  The B&O is staged in an adjacent laundry room.  A crew lounge is in a separate room.
Frank is being assisted in this undertaking by two able-bodied modelers.  George Pierson (left) and Tom Grant are helping with all phases of the design and construction.
Trains are running!  Here one of the first movements is made as a B&O Baldwin works the interchange track.  The Dundon engine house was built years ago by Brooks Stover for one of his earlier BC&G layouts.  
Sketch by Brooks Stover
Frank gives a special thanks to PHIL BONSON who developed the overall concept of this layout plan.  Phil developed the plan on a large and detailed drawing including all structure locations and scenic details.  The current plan is a direct descendent of Phil's design.  .