This section contains all the significant references I am aware of related to the BC&G and ERC&L Company.  Many have been cited on the other pages on this website.  I have tried to include the information typically included in a bibliography, but I have also added a small prose description of the infomation included in the article to aid the reader in determining if seeking out the original document might be of interest.

I have broken the types of references down into six (6) categories and rather than list them in alphabetical order within each category, I have listed them in order of the amount and quality of the information they contain.  The first items in each category are the most informative ones.
As far as I am aware, the BC&G was featured on the cover of major railroading magazines three times.   On the left is the  February 1967 RAILROAD cover.  The wonderful photo was taken by Paul Kutta.  It is ironic, of course, that this photo appeared after steam operations on the BC&G had ended.  Similarly, the October 1968 cover photo by Bud Rothar, circa 1965, also was published after the BC&G was out of service. Notice in the Rothar photo how the ends of the ties are hanging out of the ballast!  See Magazines for the third cover photo.