RAILROAD Magazine, August 1962, "Engine Smoke In The Mountains", by William Warden, Jr., pgs 12-20.

This article is probably the most complete ever published in a magazine.  It includes 19 black and white photos and a map of the ERC&L territory.  Also included is an all-time roster for ERC&L and BC&G locomotives and rolling stock prepared by John Killoran.

The color cover is one of only two such major magazine covers featuring the BC&G.

TRAINS Magazine, May 1964, "Last Train from Widen", by John P. Killoran, pgs 46-48

This article describes a bit of the history of the BC&G and then presents the details of the last days of regular operation  of the line.  There is one black and white photo.

"MR Visits the BC&G", by Paul Larson, pgs 42-45.  This article in cludes 12 black and white photos taken in 1959 and a track plan of the Dundon yard area, the only such plan ever published.  A short text describes the railroad's operations.

"BC&G In Miniature", Gordon Odegard, pgs 58-59.  Article outlines a scheme for a model railroad depicting the BC&G.  Includes a proposed track plan.
RAIL CLASSICS, January 1976, "Through the River...and Through the Woods", by John Krause, pgs 12-19.

This article includes 13 exceptional black and white photos of the logging operations on the ERC&L.  Photos include SHays, Climax, log loader and logging caboose.  The text consists of overview of the history of the logging activities.
GOLDENSEAL, Vol 18, No. 1, Spring 1992, "Home to Swandale", by Cody A. Burdette, pgs. 9-15.  

This article Cody describes a trip back to his hometown of Swandale made in the early 1990's.  Cody lived in Swandale from 1950 through 1959 and recalls what life was like in the sawmill town back then.  Includes 6 black and white photos and a reproduction of a paycheck and stub from the period when Cody worked for the ERC&L as a hostler on the Climax and Shay.  Cover black and white photo of Ted Burdette, Cody's dad, tending Shay #19.

GOLDENSEAL is published quarterly by the WV Division of Culture and History.
GOLDENSEAL, Vol 18, No. 1, Spring 1988, "Farewell to Steam", Cody A. Burdette, pgs. 9-16.

This is a wonderful story about the author and his father, Ted Burdette who was a long-time engineer on the ERC&L.  The article describes the movement of two Shay locomotives (#2 and #7) from the Cherry River Boom & Lumber to the ERC&L.  Cody was one of two crewman dispatched to ride with the engines on their trip on the B&O to their new home in Swandale.  It is a detailed account of the entire trip made in the dead of winter.  It includes many colorful details about the efforts required to make the move in the waining days of steam in 1957.

NARROW GAUGE GAZETTE, May/June 2000, "Buffalo Creek & Gauley Motor Car B", Gary Caviglia, pgs. 66-68.

This is an set of drawings of BC&G Motor "B".  Included with the article are three photos and scale drawings of the bus.  The drawings include the interior and chassis layouts.  This article contains all the information needed to build a very accurate model of Motor "B".
NMRA BULLETIN, December 1997, "A Railbus for the TCLC", Pete Moffett, pgs 28 following.

This brief article on Motor "B" includes photos and drawings of the bus.  Although the drawings are not as extensive as the Gazette article, it contains alot of information about Motor "B" from a modelers perspective.
The number of magazine articles over the years pertaining to the ERC&L and BC&G are quite numerous.  The first 6 listed here contain the most complete information.  The ones listed without photos contain a wide range of more specialized topics.  Copies of some of these magazines are available trough the library of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA).
TRAINS, October 1993, "Gathering 'round the Buffalo Creek & Gauley", Bob Withers. pgs. 63-67.

This is the story of the 1993 BC&G reunion and includes a summary of the history of the railroad.  Included are 10 excellent historical and current color photographs..
TRAINS, March 1998, "The Railroad that Refuses to Die", Bob Withers, pgs. 72-75. 

This is the story of the Elk River Railroad's (TERRI) coal hauling operations.  The article also includes some history of the original BC&G.  It includes 7 color photos.
OTHER MAGAZINE ARTICLES in Chronological Order
TRAINS, September 2003, "In the Footsteps Of David and Doc", James Neubauer, pgs. 34-39.

This article recounts the author's visit to several shortlines in the early 1960's.  It includes a two-page color photo of #14 passing the Cressmont dairy and a color photo of Georgia Pacific diesel #20 at Swandale.
CLASSIC TRAINS, Winter 2004, "The School of Steam", Jack Wheelihan, pgs. 32-37. 

This is the fascinating story of Jack learning to fire a steam engine on the BC&G.  The article includes 6 color photographs.
GOLDENSEAL, January-March 1977, "Widen, The Town That J.G. Bradley Built", Cantrell, Grace and Reed, pgs 2-6.

A description of the history of Widen, including references to the BC&G.  Includes photos of Dundon with derelict equipment.

Also, "Mostly Work: Making a Home in Widen", Barbara Yeager, pgs. 7-10.
LOCOMOTIVE & RAILWAY PRESERVATION, March/April 1987, "Country Roads - BC&G and Ely Thomas Lumber Co. in the Last Days of Steam", Carl Zimmerman, pgs. 53-58.

This article describes the history and operations during the last days of the two railroads.  It includes 5 photos of the BC&G and a listing of the location of surviving locomotives.
RAILROADING, March 1971, "Story of Slobber Face", pages 17-24.

This is the story of Consolidation #4 both on the BC&G and on the Quakertown & Eastern tourist line in Pennsylvania.  It includes 21 black and white photographs, lists all eight fan trips run between 1968 and 1970 on the Q&E.  Included is a picture of #4 double-headed with 2 F7's.
SATURDAY EVENING POST, February 20, 1954, "Reign of Terror at Widen, West VIrginia", by Craig Thompson, pgs. 17-19.

This article describes the labor dispute at the Rich Run Mine during the 15 month period from September 1952 through December 1953.
TRAINS Magzine, October 1977.  

Magazine contains an article about the Mack railbus at Strausburg, including a picture of it in yellow paint as part of a cover montage.
MODEL RAILROADING, October and November, 1990, two part series entitled "Adventures with Layouts", by Larry Smith.  5 pages.

These two articles present a brief history of the BC&G and its operation and then discusses an approach to designing a layout to represent it.  Three different HO layouts designed for a 12' x 12' room developed by Larry and two other modelers are presented.  Commercially available structures are suggested for each layout.
GOLDEN SEAL, WInter 2008"The Train, the Smoke, the Whistle and the Bell", by Barbara J. Young Workman, pgs 38-44.

In this delightful personal account, Barbara, daughter of Jobe Young, shares memories of growing up in Widen, then later Glen, and of life in the towns of the Elk River Coal and Lumber Company.  The article includes several appropriately selected photos.
GOLDEN SEAL, WInter 2006"Recalling Bobby Caruthers - The last of the BC&G Steam Railroaders", by Alan Byer, pgs 10-17.

This is article describes several visits by Alan and his father to the BC&G in the last years, including riding in the coach on the final trip from Swandale on February 27, 1965.  Alan shares his impressions of Bobby Caruthers and describes all Bobby did to make he, his brother and father feel welcome.  Includes 10 black and white photos, several which include Bobby.  This is a wonderfully written piece.
DISPATCH, June 1995, "The Buffalo Creek and Gauley Railroad.  A Prototype You Can Model in S", by Jeff Madden and Brooks Stover, pgs. 10-18.

The DISPATCH is the magazine of the National Association of S Gaugers.  This article includes information about the prototype to aid in the construction of a layout.  Included are 18 black and white photos, a map and two suggested track plans for "S" gauge layouts.  There is also a timeline of the history of the BC&G, a locomotive roster since 1941, a list of sidings and capacities, and a list of references.
CLASSIC TRAINS, Winter 2011, "Of Riding BC&G's Motor 'B', a Rickety Caboose and Rainelle's 'Streetcar'", by James R. Greene, pgs 70-75.

A wonderful account of the author's 1948 family vacation which included a ride on Motor "B".  The article includes 6 b/w photos and a reproduction of the 1946 timetable.  The article includes some new information about the builder of the bus's body and its construction number.  Visits to two other WV railroads are also covered.