Video Recordings

This section lists the known commercially available video recordings that include footage of the Buffalo Creek & Gauley, the ERC&L logging operation or both.  All of these are in my collection so I have provided a relatively complete explanation of their content.  I've also indicated where copies can be obtained if I have that information.  Unless otherwise stated, each of these is recommended for the BC&G fan!  Seeing the trains in action is simply wonderful!  

This 44 minute long all-color DVD is available from Classic Railroad Videos at  As well as the BC&G, it features Cass, the Virginia Blue Ridge RR and the ET&WNC.  The BC&G footage runs about 22 minutes.  Seventeen minutes follows #13 in 1962 from Dundon to Widen.  It includes overhead shots from the highway bridge at the interchange of B&O geeps and BC&G #13, pacing shots, a run-by at Cressmont, water stop at Swandale and the approach to Widen.  There are excellent scenes switching Widen.  There are a few seconds of Georgia Pacific diesel #20 in the Swandale section.  The color, clarity and brightness of this section is very good.  There are 5 minutes of #4 taken in 1963.  Color and brightness of this section is not quite as good.  Overall this is an excellent account of a day in the life of the BC&G.  Highly recommended.

Available in DVD and VHS tape.  Narrated.  Background music.  See website for pricing.

This 50 minute all-color DVD is available from REVELATION VIDEO at  The first portion includes scenes of large N&W steam.  Just less than half of the DVD is material related to the BC&G and ERC&L operations.  The exposure of the footage is somewhat dark and the focus is soft compared to "STEAM SHORTLINES" (see above) but acceptable as BC&G footage is scarce.  The footage is somewhat disjointed being pieced together from different times and locations.  What is nice about this DVD is that it includes actual sounds of the BC&G and ERC&L engines dubbed in over the images.  I believe the sounds are from vinyl records of the period. (See Sound Recordings).  

Scenes include riding inside Motor A, cab and caboose rides on the Lilly Fork, fording the stream, a brief scene of GP diesel #20 in motion, #4 in snow in the winter, runbys by all three Consolidations, glimpses of both the Dundon and Swandale company stores, a brief sequence at Widen and a ride on the 1963 railfan trip.  Overall this is a useful document for the BC&G fan.

Available in DVD and VHS tape.  Narrated.  Sound.  See website for pricing.

This DVD from HERRON RAIL VIDEO at covers 22 American railroads in the 1944-1962 period.  Obviously, with that many railroads featured, the coverage of any one road is short, but the black and white and color footage is of good quality...I'd say above average quality.  For the BC&G and ERC&L fan there are two relavant segments.  Following the title "BC&G" there are only about 20 seconds of footage, but it's worth it as part of it is of Motor "B" in motion on the mainline near the Dundon shops, obviously taken on a fan trip weekend.  But as far as I can recall it is the only footage I've seen of that bus in motion.

There are 5 or 6 minutes of footage of the logging activity during the Georgia Pacific period.  Theodore Burdette is seen lubing #19 and there is footage of water being siphoned from a stream.  There are several scenes of #19 taken during the winter in the snow, in one case running light over the Cressmont bridge iwith a glimpse of the silos behind the dairy.  In one scene a crewman is seen actually sweeping debris off the decks of the log flats!   This is probably not a must have due to the short amount of BC&G/ERC&L material but there are some nice scenes.   Narrated with dubbed sound.

The BC&G portion of this tape is only 7 minutes long but it is well focused and has good color.  The sequence follows #14, first leaving Dundon shops, backing toward the interchange, then departing with a string of empties after meeting two B&O Geeps.  The train is followed past Cressmont and a stop is made at Swandale with good views of the mill.  There is a nice clear sequence of #20 passing with four loads of logs and the logging caboose.  The sequence ends with several scenes switching at Widen.  Overall, this is a brief, but very good piece of video of the line in 1962.  It was published in 1996 by Penn Valley Pictures, P. O. Box 429, Sunbury, PA 17801.  Narrated.

There is a total of about 15 minutes of footage related to the logging activities of the ERC&L, W.M. Ritter and GP, although it is presented in the incorrect order with the older footage last.  Shay #12 is seen in 1955 and #19 is shown in later years.  Climax #3 is also shown briefly.  There is thorough coverage of the log loader at work and how it moves along the cars and between cars is clearly shown.  The skill of the crane operator and the men who worked on the ground and on the flat cars is also demonstrated.  There are numerous scenes of the loaded log train moving along Lilly Fork, fording streams and running on the BC&G main.  There are scenes showing re-railing the logging caboose, unloading logs at Swandale and crews laying loggin track.  This video was ublished in 1990 by JMJ Productions, PO Box 4449, Hollywood, FL 33083.  Overall quality of the images is good.  Narrated.

There are only about 8 minutes of BC&G footage on this video.  The segment features primarily #13 in several run-bys, including one rare section that shows one of the ex-Pennsy coaches bringing up the rear of the train.  The images, taken by famed rail videographer August Thieme, are brightly lit.  This video was produced by JMJ Production, PO Box 4449, Hollywood, FL 33083 in 1990.  Narrated, Music.

This video, also filmed by August Theime and produced by JMJ Productions (see Volume 1 above) contains two sections of interest.  First, there are six minutes of unique footage of ERC&L #16 running to the gob pile, dumping the Clark gondolas, and returning to the mine.  The footage gives a vivid picture of the size of the gob pile and includes scens of section smoldering from a fire caused by lighting. 
The second segment, four minutes in length, shows #14 and #4 in run-by scenes with cabooses bringing up the rear.  Narrated.  Music.

This video was released in 1995 by Green Frog Productions, 200 N. Cobb Parkway, Building 100, Suite 138, Marietta, GA 30062.  There are just 3 minutes of BC&G footage and almost all of it is taken from the bridge near the B&O interchange track as #14 approaches then passes under.  It provides a good impression of just how far the interchange tracks reached.  The images are clear and bright.