Special Publications

Listed here is a selection of printed documents other than books or magazines that contain meaningful amounts of information about the ERC&L and BC&G. 

This is a special 6 page edition of a typed newsletter published by the Huntington Chapet NRHS describing the BC&G railfan trip planned for May 29, 1960.  It includes a desrcription of the consist, a short history of the BC&G, the location of features along the line, the planned photo stops and the mileage between points along the mainline. 

This document is interesting because it was written at the time the railroad was in operation.  It was probably only made available to those participating in the fantrip.  
KINGPIN  Summer 1964

This is a 22 page edition of the newsletter of the Mid Central Division of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA).  It measures 5 1/2 x 8 1/2".

The entire edition is dedicated to the BC&G.  It includes 36 black and white photos, apparently all taken by R.W. Sherwood expressly for this issue.  The photos are of both rolling stock and structures and while inexpensively printed, the pictures are very useful.  A few of the photos are from the 1959 Model Railroader article.

This is an article which appeared in the Charleston Gazette on Friday, May 26, 1971.  The article describes the life and style of J.G> Bradley and his associate Harry Gandy.  The article is not particularly complimentary to either of the men.

The BULLETIN  Third Quarter, 1955

This is the quarterly publication of the National Railway Historical Society.  Included in this issue on pages 22 - 26 is an article entitled "The Rich Run Railroad", by Richard J. Cook.

The article includes an discussion of the overall history and operations of the BC&G and ERC&L.  It includes three black and white photos.

I have included this reference although the information here my be inadequate to acquire the maps.  I have three (3) adjacent sections of US Department of Interior geological survey maps, each measuring 24" x 24".  They show not only the topography but the BC&G track routing for the full length of the BC&G.  The section names are as follows:

                                             "Clay, WV", N3822.5 - W8100/7.5
                                             "Swandale, WV", N3822.5 - W8052/7.5
                                             "Widen, WV", N3822.5 - W8045/7.5
1918 Engineer Report Upon The Buffalo Creek & Gauley Railroad Company 

This interesting 15 page legal-sized document was brought to my attention by George Pierson.  A similar document was prepared on every railroad in the US during this same time period.

It contains a description and valuation for all the property of the BC&G, including structures, bridges, locomotives and rolling stock.  It was particularly useful for information on bridge lengths and locations.
WIDEN - An Appliachican Empire  Hickory & Lady Slippers

This two-volume set was published in 1979 by the Art Department of the Clay County High School.  

Volume 1 (76 pages) includes a description of the life and legends of the people of Clay County.  There are numerous photos in the chapter on the BC&G (pgs 47-57).  Other chapters include photos of the towns and structures of Dundon, Swandale and Widen.

Volume 2 (96 pages) includes mostly reminiscences by residents of Clay County about life there.  These were originally written in the 1930's and so are "first hand" recollections, in many cases.  Also included is a reprint of William Warden's article "Engine Smoke in the Mountains of WV" from the August 1962 RAILROAD magazine
MILEPOST December 2002

The MILEPOST is the quarterly publication of the Friends of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

Page 2-5 contain a history and description of Motor "A" written by Bradley K. Smith, musuem curator.   Included are 6 photos and a detailed drawing of the bus.
The BULLETIN National Railway Historical Society - Volume 69 Number 3 2004

"Two Days On a West Virginia Logging Railroadby Thomas Taber III

This 20-page story describes two days that Thomas and a friend spent riding with the crews of the ERC&L logging trains out on Lilly Fork.  The article includes 22 color photos of both action on the Lilly Fork and at Swandale.