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The Indy 500 has been a part of our family for as long as I can remember.   Before the race was televised, we listened on the radio and for years we even 'kept score' recording the stats at 25 lap intervals.   I have great memories of the several 500s that I've attended and while working at GM we had a chance to attend several other Indy car races.  But I enjoy all forms of motor sports and it's been fun modeling a cross section of race cars representing many forms of racing.
This Kurtis Kraft roadster was built from an older Monogram kit.  The engine was wired and the suggestion of the tubular structure was added to the engine bay.  Otherwise the kit is unmodified.
Mario Andretti's 1993 INDY CAR
1962 CORVETTE Road Race Car
First generation Corvettes were used in all sorts of sports car races from local events to major international endurance races such as Sebring and LeMans.  I've always thought that these Corvettes with their modifications had an interesting look.  Many used stock steel wheels while others had special racing wheels.  Those for endurance races had knock-off hubs and additional lights.  But the most interesting feature on the endurance versions of these cars was the fuel tank located behind the seats in the space where the folding top would normally go.  The fuel filler for this tank was accessed in a 'cut out' in the rear window.  It appears that the enclosure for this filler was simply made of thick Plexiglass, a set up that would never meet todays safety standards.
Model Notes:  The kits used for this model offered a number of challenges.  The most notable were the poor fit of the clear 'glass' windshield and the overall poor fit of the hardtop.  These AMT 1962 Corvette kits are 'Level 2' which means they lack underbody and under hood detail.
This is the first model on which I used a metallic silver Magic Marker for the bright trim including the windshield frame, rocker molding, side vent grille and logos.

The white strip decals were from my model railroad decal supply.  The rearview mirrors are modified headrests with aluminum foil 'glass'.

I'm considering adding the small quarter windows.
In international races, Corvettes wore US colors of white with blue stripes. Many used the stock fuel injection system.  In local races, cars were run in any number of paint schemes. The red car above was among the ones that influenced my model. Parts from three different kits (an MPC '60 Corvette and two AMT 1962 Corvette kits) and my parts bin were combined to produce the model. The back window and the fuel filler enclosure were scratchbuilt from sheet styrene.  The model represents a replica of a vintage endurance race car as it might be built and raced today.  The small block engine is fitted with dual quad carbs.