While model railroading in 1/64 scale has been the primary focus of my 'hobby time' over the last 40 years, I have maintained an interest in 1/25 scale automobile models.  Now that the new, compact BC&G layout is well underway, I have taken an occasional break from the layout project to get re-engaged in car modeling.  A great deal has changed in the hobby since the last time I built model cars and getting caught up with the latest materials and techniques has been fun!

Use the navigation bar above or click categories below to see the models I have built over the years as well as the ones I have more recently constructed.    The models are grouped into five broad categories:
FIRST CARS - Models based on cars owned by me and and my friends in my youth 

RAILS & ALTEREDS - Models of cars that fascinated and inspired me
COLLECTOR CARS - Models based on 'collector cars' I have owned or wish to
INDY CARS - Models of open wheeled Indy cars
OTHER SCALES - Models of cars in larger and smaller scales
Under construction
Under construction
Under construction