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The logging operations of the ERC&L Co. are represented on the layout with a scene to the left inside the door to the layout room.  The longest siding is for loading logs.  Another siding serves the Starcher company store and a third siding is reserved for storing Climax #3 and Raymond Davis' caboose.  Near where the track to the Starcher log camp leaves the BC&G main at Avoca Jct. I have modeled one of the creek crossings the ERC&L is so well know for.
The supporting 1X2" supporting structure is visible in the photo left. Along the wall is the beginning of the cover over the hidden track that will run behind the scenery.  Below shows the foam profiles for the hills and the plastic screen hotmelt glued to them.  

The landforms are completed in this view and rock castings from the prior layout have been attached to the Homax.  The Buffalo Creek runs along the front of the layout and makes a U-turn under the Cressmont bridge, middle right.
Climax #3 has a short log train in tow as she tip toes across the causeway while a crewmember on the ground gives the train a quick safety check.
Climax #4 is rounding the curve near the Devil's Sawmill water fall.  On the prototype the falls was on the BC&G main but it looks great here on the layout.
I think I captured the feeling of a logging site even though the total space available is pretty limited.  Here Climax #3 has the Raymond Davis caboose and the company's ancient American log loader coupled to her tender.  Out of sight to the right are a couple of loaded log flats.  The train will shortly back out on to the BC&G main and make its way to the log pond at Swandale.