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53. “Photographing Scenes You Can’t See” (Company Photographer column), Railroad Model Craftsman, November 2022, pgs. 84-89 (Photographing with unique camera positions)

52. “Railfanning the BC&G in 1964”, Railroad Model Craftsman, November 2022, pgs. 38-45. (Photo essay from railfan's view) [Cover

51. “The Last Summer of Steam on the BC&G”, Great Model Railroads 2023, pgs. 26-33.  (Layout tour)

50. “Majestic Mining’s I5-d Caboose in S Scale”, NMRA Magazine, November 2022, pgs.12-14. (How-to build story)

49. “BC&G Motor A in S Scale”, Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette, June/July 2022, pgs. 24-31. (Story of evolution of the model) [Cover]

48. “Exploring the Potential of S Scale”, Model Railroad Planning 2022, January 2022, pgs. 54-60.

47. “Photography as a Tool for Better Modeling” (Company Photographer column), Railroad Model Craftsman, November 2021, pgs. 84-89.

46. “Design Your Layout for Photography” (Company Photographer column), Railroad Model Craftsman, August 2021, pgs. 84-89. (Tips for making a layout photo-friendly)

45. “A Tale of Two Railroads”, Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette, May/June 2021, pgs. 24-32. (Complete layout story) [Cover]

44. “Satisfying Operations on a Smaller Layout”, Railroad Model Craftsman, February 2021, pgs. 64-69. (Developing the operating scheme for the new layout)

43. “Creating Better Layout Photographs”, Model Railroader, January 2021, pgs. 50-55. (Tips for photo composition) [Cover]

42. “The Raymond Davis Caboose”, Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette, November /December 2020, pgs. 40-45. (Scratchbuilding a logging caboose)

41. “Better Hardshell Scenery”, Model Railroader, November 2020, pgs. 34-37. (Hardshell with plastic screen and Homax) [Cover]

40. “Downsizing Does Not Mean Settling”, NMRA Magazine, August 2020, pgs. 26-34. (Advantages of a smaller layout) [COVER]

39. “The Elk River Coal & Lumber Company, Swandale WV Engine House”, Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette, July/August 2020, pgs. 24-31. (Scratchbuilding the engine house)

38. “My S Model of the Elk River Coal & Lumber Company Swandale Sawmill”, Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette, May/June 2020, pgs. 24-30. (Evolution of the model over 30 years)

37. “House Built For A President”, Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette, January/February 2020, pgs. 40-45. (Scratchbuilding a model of Bradley’s house)

36. “Build a Small Rail-Served Dairy”, Model Railroader, December 2019, pgs. 58-62. (Scratchbuilding a small industrial structure)

35. “Bringing Things into Focus” (Company Photographer column), Railroad Model Craftsman, August 2019, pgs.86-89. (How to maximize depth of field in model photographs)

34. “The Elk River Coal & Lumber Dundon Company Store – A Classic Coal Company Structure in S Scale”, Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette, July/August 2019, pgs. 58-62. (Scratchbuilding the Dundon store and feed building plus photos of Widen store)

33. “The Buffalo Creek & Gauley’s Dundon Shops” – Modeling a Classic Shortline Engine House in S Scale”, Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette, March/April 2019, pgs. 36-41. (Scratchbuilding the combined engine house, machine shop and covered storage building.)

32. "Same Railroad In A Smaller Space", Model Railroad Planning 2019, pgs. 38-45.
(Concept and design of compact BC&G layout.)

31. “Scratchbuild a Diesel Shell from Styrene”, Model Railroader, January 2017, pgs. 54-59.  Using cardboard mockup to determine feasibility of design.)

30. “Changing Seasons On A Finished Layout”, Model Railroader, December 2016, pgs 32-36. (Changing summer foliage to autumn colors.) [Cover]

29. “An S Gauge 45-Ton Logging Diesel”, Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette, Sept/Oct 2016, pgs 45-48. (Scratchbuilding a diesel from styrene.)

28. “Modeling BC&G Caboose C-2”, Railroad Model Craftsman, September 2016, pgs 90-93. (Kitbashing an American Models caboose)

27. “Upgrading An Old Style Wooden Craftsman Kit”, NMRA Magazine, November 2015, pgs 10-14. (Superdetailing a Huff N Puff REA reefer kit)) [Cover]

26. “11 Ways To Make Peel and Stick Parts”, Model Railroader, August, 2015, pgs 40-43. (Using adhesive transfer tape in layout construction)

25. “Converting An On30 Bachmann Climax To S Gauge Elk River Coal & Lumber Company Climax #3”, Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette, May/June 2015, pgs 67-71. (Converting a Bachmann engine to S scale)

24. “B&O Alco RS-1 - Twice”, Railroad Model Craftsman, May 2015; pgs 54-61. (Kitbashing an RS-3 into an RS-1) [Cover]

23. “Modeling A Mysterious Climax”, NMRA Magazine, November 2014; pgs 12-17. (Converting an On30 Climax to S gauge) [Cover photo]

22. “How To Build An Abandoned Mine”, Model Railroader, October 2014; pgs 40-44. (Scratchbuilding a structure from cardstock and stripwood)

21. “The S Scale Swandale Company Store”, Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette, July/August 2014; pgs. 28-33. (Prototype info and model construction including line drawings) [Cover]

20. “Modeling B&O’s EL-3 in S Scale”, NMRA Magazine, April 2014; pgs. 34-41. (Detailing a Lionel 2-8-8-2 and scratchbuiling a Vanderbilt tender) [Cover

19. “Jim Clements’ Sugar Spring Mining Company Railroad”, NMRA Magazine, July 2013; pgs. 28-33. (Layout tour) [Cover]

18. “Modeling an ALCO FA-2 Equipped for Passenger Service”, NMRA Magazine, May 2013; pgs. 16-21. (Detailing an S scale AM Alco FA-2 with a steam generator)

17. “Scratchbuild a Small Factory”, Model Railroader, May 2013; pgs. 33-37.  (How to use mat board and cardstock to build an S scale structure) 

16. “Two West Virginia Railroads in S Gauge – The Buffalo Creek & Gauley and the Elk River Coal & Lumber Company”, Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette, January/February 2013; pgs. 20-26. (Layout tour) [Cover]

15.  “How To Make Tree-Covered Hills”, Model Railroader, November 2012; pgs. 32-37. (Techniques for modeling heavily wooded hills and foreground trees) [Cover]

15. “What’s In An Old Piece of Paper”, The Dispatcher’s Office, July 2012; pgs. 12-17. (Using Conductor’s Orders as the basis for an operating scheme)

13. “Interpreting the Clark Side-Dump Gondola in S Gauge”, NMRA Magazine, December 2011; pgs. 40-45. (Scratchbuilding two Clark gondolas from styrene)

12. “Modeling the BC&G’s Dundon Shops in Reverse”, NMRA Magazine, August 2011; pgs. 16-20. (Modeling a prototype scene) [Cover]

11.  “Interpreting B&O’s P1-d Pacific in S Scale”, NMRA Magazine, July 2011; pgs. 10-14. (Detailing an American Models Pacific to match a prototype) [Cover]

10. “Criswell Grocery Warehouse”, NMRA Magazine, December 2010; pgs. 18-23. (Scratchbuilding a large structure with animated gates)

9. “Steam’s Last Days On A West Virginia Shortline”, Great Model Railroads 2011; pgs. 26-35. (Layout tour)

8. “A Website Designed for BC&G Modelers Becomes More”, Railroad Model Craftsman, September 2009; pgs. 62-69. [Cover]

7. “Adding Operations to a Model Railroad”, Model Railroader, December 2009; pgs. 58-62. (Using ‘Conductor’s Orders as basis for an operating scheme)

6. “Building Wood Frame Structures From Inexpensive Materials – Part II”, Scale Rails, July 2008; pgs.14-23. (Scratchbuilding techniques with paper-based products)

5. “Building Wood Frame Structures From Inexpensive Materials – Part I”, Scale Rails, June 2008; pgs.20-26. (Conceptualizing structures and scratchbuilding techniques with paper-based products) [Cover]

4. “The Next Frontier”, Railroad Model Craftsman, February 2008; pgs 112-113. (Description of making layout video using inexpensive camera)

3. “Buffalo Creek and Gauley in S Scale”, Railmodel Journal, February 2007; pgs 26-41. (Layout tour) [Cover]

2. “The Buffalo Creek & Gauley RR”, Railroad Model Craftsman, December 2006; pgs. 52-60. (Layout tour)

1. “Prototype Modeling With AF HiRail”, Model Railroader, December 1993

Over the years I have documented my modeling projects in articles published in the model railroading press.  The topics of these articles include structures, locomotives, rolling stock, scenery and operations.  This has been a very satisfying part of the hobby for me.

Below is a list of the articles that have appeared in the major, multi-scale national magazines.  They are listed with the latest at the top of the list.

The overall topic of the article appears in ( ).  If a cover photo was part of the article, that is noted [Cover].  Selected covers are reproduced on the right.