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PROTOTYPE INSPIRATION - These photos were the inspiration for my Dundon scene.  Above is a photo taken from in front of the store showing the bridge that spanned the Elk River.  I am modeling one section of both types of spans.  A compressed version of John Lanham's house is also modeled.  On the left is a photo I took of the bridge during a visit to the site in 2007.
The truss bridge is also visible in these two images.  The one on the right is one of the few showing a B&O Q-3 at the Dundon station and it provides excellent detail of the bridge.   The left image shows how close the store was to the BC&G track.
This in-progress image shows the relationship of the store, Latham house, station and bridge.  The small B&O shanty will be in the light colored space beyond the bridge.  The truss bridge will be modified to more accurately represent the prototype structure.

Just a suggestion of the Elk River will be visible under the bridge.

The store model is still sitting on the cardboard base used to secure it in a box for moving.  The wire loops are for lifting the base out of the box.
The photos below are inspiring the Dundon scene on the layout.  Photos of the resulting modeling will be posted soon.
This photo shows the progress ovet the past few weeks.  Since this photo was taken the remainder of the track has been laid on this part of the layhout.  The bus barn is just out of view on the lower right.