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PROTOTYPE INSPIRATION - These photos were the primary inspiration for my Dundon scene.  Above is a photo taken from in front of the company store showing the bridge that spanned the Elk River.  I am modeling one section of both types of spans and a small section of the river.  A compressed version of John Lanham's house is also modeled.  On the left is a photo I took of the bridge during a visit to the site in 2007. The pump house just above the trunk of the car will be modeled.
The truss bridge is also visible in these two images.  The one on the right is one of the few showing a B&O Q-3 at the Dundon station and it provides excellent detail of the bridge.   The left image shows how close the store was to the BC&G track.
At least one of these two little B&O sheds that were just beyond the highway bridge will be on the layout...between the highway bridge and the tunnel where the track disappears into the wall.
The rock outcropping above the station will be correctly represented on the layout.  The sheds in the picture on the left are just visible beyond the bridge in this picture. The stairway behind the station will be modeled.
This is Bower's Coal Sales which was located on the 'coach track' behind the station.  It will be in the proper position on the layout.
The two photos above show a number of details that were along the main line outside of Dundon.  (See diagram here).  On the layout the bus barn, the MOW shed and the speeder shed have been relocated to the siding that runs behind the station.  The old tank car body that provided water to the plug which is just visible in the left photo will be modeled.  The water plug itself will be correctly on the main on the layout.  In the foreground of the left photo is a foot bridge.  A simplified representation will be modeled.  The ice house just visible to the left of the loco in the right photo will be located on the lead to BC&G yard staging.  The gas pump will be correctly next to the bus barn.
This overview of the Dundon scene shows the location of major structures.  From left to right:  Bradley's house, the water plug (where wood framework is), the railbus barn, the water tank on the hill (just visible in the trees), the ice house, Dundon store, three motor car/MOW sheds, Latham's house, Dundon station, the pump house (under the bridge), the bridge and Bower coal.  The little tan B&O shack is under the bridge.  In the lower left corner is the foot bridge across the creek.
#4 is arriving at Dundon tender-first from Swandale with loads of finished lumber which will be set out on the interchange track in the foreground.  Motor A is at the station having just dropped off the few passengers riding today.  It will pull ahead then back onto the siding before heading into the bus barn just out of sight to the bottom of the this photo.
This view of the rear of the B&O station shows that details are starting to be added.  The pump house is just visible above the rear of Motor A.  The station will eventually be raised up on blocks like the prototype was.